MyCity360-Smart Waste Management System

Although waste management services exist since the inception of modern cities, the industry’s current operating
standards are inefficient and resource-intensive.

This inefficiency is largely due to outdated manual collection methods and logistical processes that lack efficient data-driven solutions.

Modern cities are facing huge amounts of garbage, which is growing and polluting both the soil and the air. Local authorities are considering new approaches and technologies for waste management, in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint and stop wasting resources.

In General, with most existing waste management systems, a city collection service will travel a predefined route on a regular basis and empty trash and recycling receptacles, whether they are full or not.

The fixed nature of this system creates the possibility of half-full bins being emptied, unnecessary fuel being spent, and excess use of city resources.

With MyCity360 Smart waste management system, the new process of disposing of municipal waste is streamlined while also optimizing the existing one. This will help decision-makers reduce expenses and save funds!

Our Smart waste management solutions use sensors placed in waste receptacles to measure fill levels and to notify city collection services when bins are ready to be emptied. Over time, historical data collected by sensors can be used to identify fill patterns, optimize driver routes and schedules, and reduce operational costs. A green city is a sustainable city!