Intelligent Transportation Systems are integrated systems of communication, control, computer, and information technologies designed for installation road infrastructure, and engineered to improve the overall performance of the transportation system and the level of road safety.

Through the collection, processing, integration, and presentation of information, MyCity360’s ITS applications enable transportation authorities, infrastructure operators, transportation service providers and private transportation users to make more intelligent, safer and more coordinated decisions.

Some applications combine the accumulated information with computerized decision-making algorithms for activating a required automatic response. It is common to segment the field of intelligent transportation systems into the following areas :

  • Traffic control and traffic congestion management.
  • Transport demand management
  • Automatic enforcement of traffic laws.
  • Detection and monitoring system on toll roads.
  • Optimization of parking throughout the city

Through a process of designing, planning and adapting the best ITS for your city, MyCity360’s team of experts will be in charge of an implementation that will benefit all the city’s residents and visitors.

Furthermore, we will adapt the technological solutions based on the eight crucial principles for Sustained Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) so that we can :

  • Ensure all residents are offered transport options that enable access to key destinations and services ;
  • Improve safety and security;
  • Reduce air and noise pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption;
  • Improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the transportation of persons and goods;
  • Contribute to enhancing the attractiveness and quality of the urban environment for the benefits of residents, the economy, and society as a whole.