About Us

Who We Are

MyCity360 Innovation Ltd is the number one source for responsive smart nations, cities, and organizations technologies and services. We are dedicated to empowering nations, cities, and organizations with cutting-edge management solutions based on an all-encompassing, integrative scientific approach.

Founded in 2017 by an elite team of Israeli entrepreneurs, MyCity360 Innovation Ltd has quickly earned an excellent reputation in the Israeli and international Hi-Tech, H.L.S, Renewable Energy, and Urban Agriculture industries. With a proven success track record in project implementations, today the company offers a steady stream of attractive business and technology opportunities.

With our on-field experience backing up each one of our projects, we are at our client’s disposal to create, plan, design, develop and implement cutting-edge solutions with high-quality execution and lasting support. Our goal? To make your vision’ reality.

Our Ambitions

At Mycity360, we are committed to create and implement accessible states and urban services to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Our years of experience have taught us that an essential element for the successful smart nation and cities projects is focusing on citizen needs.

We believe that technology should always remain a means to an end at the service of citizens! So, by embracing a citizen-centric design, we strive to contribute to sustainable states and a safe and prosperous environment for all.

Why Mycity360 ?

Why Chose Us ?

Your Vision Is Our Challenge

We are High-Tech experts with one goal: To help you build a state and city, that aligns with your needs and vision. All our projects at Mycity360 start with an initial in-depth need assessment.

We want to take a deep dive into your story, the objectives you have for your smart state and smart city, and all the solutions you are seeking. Getting to learn more about you means enabling ourselves to better define what needs to be done to increase your state and city’s ability to adapt to the physical, social, and economical stumbling blocks…With the goal in mind of overcoming them.

 Top-Level Experts

Made strong by our top-level experts with in-depth Hi-Tech, H.L.S, Renewable Energy, and Urban Agriculture industries expertise, and with a solid dedication to our vision and ambition backing us up every step of the way, we offer you a solution tailored to each one of your challenges.

Choosing us as your agents of digital and sustainable transformation, you will always have at your side all the technological and human resources you need to ensure a smooth transition and a solid execution of your plan.

We’re Ready To Lead You Into The City Of The Future!

Do you have a question about our services? Do you want to know more about our unique approach, or gain a better understanding of the tactical measures that can help you reach your goals?

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