MyCity360-Safe City Platform

As Cities are attracting more and more population, ensuring public safety
is more important than ever.

And while some zones can be more sensitive than others, a proper deployment of monitoring and rapid intervention technologies can go a long way in restoring a sense of security among all the residents as well as the city visitors.

Each city has its own urgent security issues and safety concerns that need to be addressed. That’s why MyCity360’s Homeland Security and Public safety experts will take time to analyse your current situation and detect any potential security or safety threat before even starting to design your custom smart security protocol.

MyCity360’s Security platform is an integrative solution that fully complies with GDPR regulations. We will never sacrifice your citizen’s privacy for security. In fact, our technology is so precise that we don’t need to.

Each one MyCity360’s Security platform consist of the deployment and integration of the critical following technologies :

  • HIgh-End Video Surveillance drones and fixed cameras, equipped with different vision capabilities (infra-red, Hyperzoom, Facial recognition, etc…)
  • IoT Sensors that can transform anything in your city into a connected monitoring device
  • A Secure Private Secure high-speed Network that connects all of your IoT sensors, and cameras to ensure a seamless and continuous monitoring and data gathering
  • A power and communications solution. This type of solution supports, controls and manage all devices and can seamlessly blend in with its surroundings
  • A centralized control center that uses customized and integrated views and new video and audio analytics, artificial intelligence and deep learning applications. These applications help recognize number plates, classify vehicles, identify suspicious people and detect anomalies.