Your technological vision is our challenge.

The success of startups and companies that are interested in developing technologies depends largely on the engineers and developers they recruit. Quite a few failures are caused, due to the lack of technological manpower that fits the organizational culture of the company, and the requirements of the technological level.
We at MyCity360 have understood the problem, and therefore we provide a full and leading package of design and development services in the field of product development and providing technological solutions in the fields of Software and Mobile Application development, Cyber, Mechanical engineering, Electronics, Product design and Manufacturing.

Our R&D team works for you, as your true partner, in excellent transparency and interpersonal communication, from the definition, need, and product design stage, to product development and production, ready for marketing and sales.
Our R&D team is multi-disciplinary, with decades of experience in developing complex technological solutions, in the Israeli high-tech industry, in the military and civilian industry, and in the international market. Our R&D Services are based on 4 principles: