MyCity360-Cyber Solutions

With the global transition into smart cities, municipalities have become more
relying on technology.

However, the increase in connectivity and intelligent technologies comes with a counterpart. Not only is the city more efficiente and well-coordinated, but it also becomes more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Most cities invest capitals in deploying technological systems, but do not understand the importance of protecting those systems.

A single cyber-attack on a city can cause unprecedented damage : Imagine if a hacker was able to get into a network and shut down a power grid for days…
Smart city security projects need to be safe, and local municipalities need to play an important role in making sure this safety precaution is taken.

But in order to avoid tremendous add-on expenses once a system is already in place, we at MyCity360 plan your citywide Cyber Solution from the initial design of your smart city program.

Our solution expands to all the IoT elements and data structures that could be in potential danger.

We take focused action by following the most rigorous HomeLand Security industry guidelines. This allows us to implement and deploy an iron-clad Cyber protection system by following a 5-step protocol :

  • Creating a strict IoT Policy
  • Prioritising individuals identity protection
  • Securing information at the source
  • Implementing hierarchical access protocols
  • Monitoring and Disabling obsolete services

At MyCity360, we believe that a cyber-safe, smart city and organization, starts with the right controls properly implemented to ensure that connected infrastructure is accessible only to the right people, at the right time, for the right reasons.