MyCity360 Connectivity

Comprehensive Solution, from the First-Mile connectivity to
the Last-Mile connectivity

It is connectivity that leads to a successful implementation of innovative solutions, and turns smart cities into vibrant socio-economic hubs that help businesses thrive.

Various studies have invariably shown that communities with access to ultrafast, all-fiber broadband networks achieve higher per capita GDP, create more jobs, and spur more business start-ups than communities with slower access.

However, innovative solutions and technologies for smart cities are usually applied as independent verticals without a connection between them. So in order to ensure that all of those will be linked together, a smart city needs a system to control all solutions and unify them into a broader, smarter, and stronger communication network.

Wireline and wireless broadband communications networks connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors that supply the data from which information is derived to manage assets and resources efficiently.

High-bandwidth, low-latency, future-proof networks support the need for real-time data analysis capacities and an unprecedented degree of interconnectivity and convergence. Broadband networks (wireline and wireless) drive edge-device applications (IoT, cell tower, camera, etc.) that enhance:

  • Mobility
  • Safety
  • Digital Transformation


From custom antennas and sealed connectors to lightweight cabling and multi-property sensors, MyCity360 will provide your city with a variety of solutions for urban communication networks that can provide communication for smart city applications. We will help you transform traditional technology into smart infrastructures : with intelligent street lighting and buildings, on-demand transit systems, and real-time smart meters to monitor public parking, home utilities, as well as personal devices.