MyCity360 IntelliAPP

As an integral part of the “Smart City” Solution, MyCity360 is an intelligent platform that allows City councils and and other decision makers, to manage,
control, and handle events and incidents through a mobile phone application.

This platform offers a modular and scalable solution for a wide range of added-value services for the citizens as well as the municipality. It can easily integrate all the city services, making them more accessible to the public. The app enables city councils to serve citizens by showing important information and dates. In addition, citizens can submit all types of complaints to the city council by attaching audio, video, and images.

In its most basic form, the smartphone application is the fastest and most convenient way to manage and report city events. The citizen can report issues related to waste collection, parking space, potholes, a streetlight interruption, etc. Simultaneously, it also allows municipal staff and elected officials to be informed and become more responsive to citizen feedback.

By using its modular capability, the app can host several value-added services that will generate additional income for the municipality, such as Smart Parking, Smart Ticketing, Touristic and Cultural events, sporting events, and E-Health.

And to further consolidate the app’s status as a one-stop interaction interface for citizens and their city councils to communicate efficiently, a modular payment module can be added on top.  This will open the way for more possibilities such as adding merchant stores, or service providers, for locals and tourists visiting alike!