MyCity360-Holistic Smart Parking Solution, (NB-IoT AND LoRa)

Studies show that every car driver wastes on average about 100 hours a year
looking for a parking space.

This means that more than one-third of city center traffic congestion can be optimized by adopting better parking management practices through a smart parking solution.

Following our Holistic approach to implementing an efficient city management solution, we developed the MyCity360 Smart parking system.

MyCity360 Smart Parking system is a smart app that monitors parking facilities availability around town in real-time and transmits the information directly to the drivers. Collected from curb-side sensors as well as parking sensors, the data in this network allows them to make informed choices about their parking, thus reducing traffic congestions considerably.

Installed IoT (Internet of Things) sensors determine where empty parking spaces are located. This IoT data is transmitted over a wireless connection to a cloud server. All the data from the parking lot is collected and analyzed in real-time to produce a map of non occupied spaces made available to those looking for space. Drivers looking for a parking space can refer to the real-time smart parking map and be guided to the nearest vacant space.

In addition to that, our proprietary sensors, networking equipment, and a modular suite of hosted web and mobile applications can be combined or integrated with othet MyCity360 solutions, or any third-party value-added solution to provide advanced services such as :


  • Parking demand management and space optimization
  • Personalized parking guidance
  •  Parking reservation systems
  • Dynamic parking prices and policy optimization
  • Detection of parking zones, fees, and overstay violations.