Commercialization of Technologies

Technology commercialization is the process of transitioning technologies from the
research lab to the marketplace.

The technologies that local authorities and business organizations sometimes develop as part of a growth and development strategy for internal use may have significant commercial potential, and here at Mycity 360 we want you to leverage them the right way.

Many large private sector companies are also teaming up with local governments to invest millions of dollars in smart city infrastructures and initiatives. The investments in technologies commercialization is playing an increasingly important role in enhancing cities’ regional and global competitiveness.

As many governments around the world are starting to recognize, government data needs to be ‘open’ and integrated in order to drive innovation and enhance the results of collaboration. So by providing a platform with open access to city information, business partners and stakeholders are able to make better informed decisions through data analytics from integrated smart city technologies.

As part of our Commercialization of technologies initiative, we scout, locate and evaluate any potential technology or solution developed by local business organizations that could be turned into a lucrative business venture.

We proudly cultivate relationships with venture capitalists and other investors, entrepreneurs, existing companies, and economic development entities..

Our In-house expert have a proven record ad international recognition in the Hi-tech industry and they can help you by :

  • Identifying and evaluating technologies suitable for new venture formation
  • Evaluating and providing feedback on business plans to launch promising new venture opportunities
  • Assisting in the creation of pre-seed launch strategies
  • Helping identify initial management teams
  • Facilitating introductions to potential funding sources
  • Acting as a guide and mentor to inventors as they navigate the startup process

Have you developed a solution that you believe has commercial potential? Get in touch with us, and our experts will gladly evaluate the new heights you can reach with it!