MyCity360 Cockpit

Situational awareness of what is happening in the streets of the city, at any given moment

MyCity360 Cockpit is the true beating heart of your smart city.This revolutionary virtual command and control center allows you to receive real-time, up to date information on your city’s present conditions.

Powered by cutting-edge MyCity360 sensors that are deployed in critical parts of the city, the Cockpit collects, processes, and analyzes a continuous flow of real-time data that enables decisions makers to understand the current situation and engage accordingly.

This makes the MyCity360 Cockpit a real-time intelligence and information tool for real-time management and decision making.

With a large field of application, the Cockpit can inform you in real-time, and in a visual, intuitive, easy to access way, on transportation, emergencies, waste management, energy efficiency, Parking occupancy rate, Publics complaints, and everything you need.

The MyCity360 Cockpit is ideal for emerging smart cities, but can it also be used in energy applications as the central control and comparison tool. The clear visualization in the Urban Cockpit can be used as a pulse monitor for the city, which can also provide the general public with real-time transparent insight into conditions in their city.

Its optional Web-based access ensures that data remains available everywhere and at any time. The Cockpit is tailored to meet all specific needs and can be expanded with new applications at any time.

Furthermore, to enhance citizens’ engagement cities now have the option of giving the general public access to individual data points, such as current urban energy consumption or traffic levels. This increases transparency and quality of life in the long term.