Stop Searching Start Parking

For Drivers

► Reduces parking search time by 40%
► Leads to savings in fuel costs and parking fines
► Transforms the parking search experience
     ● Find an available parking spot &navigate quickly and
        accurately to your available spot in real-time.
     ● Does not require any location reports from other drivers.
     ● 1-click Payment or Pre-payment for parking
     ● Plan a speedy daily route by 1-click ordering ahead
        several parking spots in different locations.
     ● Warns against vehicle theft by notifying on every
        movement of the vehicle.
► Fully accessible by disabled drivers

For the City & Parking Operators

► Substantially increase the overall parking utilization
► A 30% reduction of traffic jams and congestion with in the

► An investment with a short repayment period that directly
contributes to the public order in the city and 
the welfare of
its residents

► Improves and changes driving culture
► Optimizes public order and enforcement.
► A simple and modular installation that can be matched to
the city’s future expansion

► Increased accessibility to commercial areas around town

Technology & Solutions

MyCity360 Smart Parking system consists of a smart app
that monitors and controls curb-side sensors as well as
sensors in parking facilities around town and communicates
the information in real-time to the drivers.
The comprehensive MyCity360 Smart Parking solution
includes sensors, networking equipment and a modular
suite of hosted web and mobile applications that may be
combined or integrated with any third party value added
MyCity360 provides Technology, Solutions and Services
covering a broad spectrum of Smart Parking systems

SmartApp – Drivers Apps

The driver guidance platform, that
seamlessly guides the drivers in real time
residents and visitors to
on- street and off-street
parking by phone in a single
easy-to-use app.

MyCity360 Cloud based Management Platform

Open customizable platform that
provides graphical,reporting,statistics and
prediction about parking 
usage and
enforcement actions 24 hours a day
365 days 
per year, as part of the city’s

Smart Sensors

The on/off-street car parking sensing
system that directs 
drivers to on and
off- street parking owned by the city and

private off-street providers.

SmartApp – Inspectors Guidance App

Directs enforcement officers to potential
violations. The 
reduction of patrol hours
often leads to increases of up 
200% in
productivity. In the process, revenue

Disabled Access

A unique and innovative module for
managing the disabled 
parking and
disabled tag registration.

The first all-inclusive solution for
complete accessibility 

Smart City (IoT) Platform

MyCity360 open and modular
platform enables simple and
easy integration, with any 3rd party

Smart City IoT Platforms and Solutions.

About Us

MyCity360 – developing advanced and innovative
technologies and solutions. “MyCity360 Smart Parking
Platform” is part of the Smart City IoT (Internet of things)
suit of enabled technologies. We offer comprehensive
solutions helping cities and organizations to become
smarter and increase their ability to adapt to the physical,
social and economic challenges that are a growing part of
the 21st century and beyond. With its innovative technology
and solutions, MyCity360 is able to offer proven technology
and creative cloud-based information systems that allow
cities to better serve their communities – to provide a
higher level of service to merchants, residents and visitors
while optimizing the city workforce and revenues.
Please contact us, your vision is our challenge.

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